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My youtube channel.

I am going to link you to my videos on my channel. I offer a variety of videos such as Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, CMD tips, computer guides, tutorials, and electronic guides. Please visit at: .



I have made a batch file that will clean up all the process that are ran on start up. I need your help on this project because I can’t spend all day scripting in new processes in to a batch file. What I need your help on is to email me processes that you want to be removed in the .bat.

My email is or (personal email, I will respond faster because I check this one on my phone.

Server Attacker

Today (yesterday because its 12:04 as I’m writing this) I finished up server attacker

New Features:
Name of IP address is in a big font

Server Attacker

I have released Server Attacker Once again like I said in a youtube video on how to DoS

Bug update

On the downloads page the links for Bitcoin helper the linked to a download for I am sorry for the confusion that happened from this. If you have used the link before this post please download the again using

Why are you downloading v

When I put a download link on I wanted everyone to download but you wanted to download
WHY? That’s like downloading Windows 2000 when windows 7 is available for free. Anyways please download

Bitcoin Helper

Bitcoin Helper v is now available for download on the download page.

In other news WordPress decided to screw me up by switching to HTML mode and won’t go back. Perfect opportunity to learn HTML.

Auto Typer

Today I am adding Auto Typer to the download page. Auto Typer 2.5.0 is a powerful mutiline auto typer with custom speed options.

Source code v

I am getting everything ready to package and upload all the code for So you can help me work on it to add new and useful features.

Update on v

I am currently working on getting rid of the opening screen that does not add anything and makes it so its all on one form.

I am now thinking about releasing the source code for other people to add to and help add features. The way it will work is I will add all the files in to one .zip or .rar file. The code will be for VB 2008 express edition.The design for all forms and code will be there. It will look just the way it does on my computer.