Bitcoin Helper

If you have slow speed (under 1000000) on or any other browser based miners then you should download Bitcoin Helper Bitcoin Helper has a built-in timer system to keep track how long you ave been generating and uses bitcoinplus to generate for you. You can also see how much you generated and switch to another tab to send coins and change account settings. Bitcoin Helper is an application for windows that has no addons like the browser you are using now. Having a lot of addons might use up valuable RAM that web browser based miners use to generate coins. Leaving more RAM for the miner to use.

Google Chrome: 0.58 MHz
Bitcoin Helper: 1.33 MHz
Ufasoft CPU Miner: 4.77 MHz
One GPU: >200 MHz


Timer function
View transactions
View account info
Change account details
Change account password
Send Coins
view exchange charts
and includes a help menu

Download now at the <a href=";


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